Influencer marketing is when a business collaborates with an influential person on social media to promote a product, service, or campaign. These people, know as “social media influencers,” have dedicated and engaged followings.

Celebrity endorsements were the original form of influencer marketing. But in today’s digital world, regular content creators with niche audiences can often offer more value to your brand.

What is a social media influencer?

Quite simply, an influencer is someone who carries influence over others. A social media influencer is someone who wields that influence through social media. The form of influence can vary and no two influencers are the same.

The right influencer is someone who can reach your target audience, build trust, and drive engagement. They will create original, engaging content that is in line with their own brand (rather than following a template advertising style provided by a brand).

You may be wondering – “With so many voices how do I choose who is the best? How do I know which influencer will drive the right traffic?”

We can help not only identify the best influencers for your brand but really understand their sphere of influence, weigh offerings and identify what type of programs will actually get you to your goals.

Here Are some of Our Influencers



Moseax is a Kenyan Award Winning, Social Media & Radio Personality.

  • SOMA Awards 2015: Most Influential Twitter Personality 
  • Flamingo Awards: 2016 Best Male Radio Presenter
  • Kenya Glamour Awards: 2015 & 2016 Most Influential Corporate Social Media personality.
  • Twitter: 124,000 Followers
  • Instagram: 44,000 Followers
  • Facebook: 47,000 Followers
  • Youtube: 7000 Subscribers

Mercy Dimples


Am  ready to use my social media platforms to bring you the best. I am a responsible and committed individual; who displays an ability to work with passion and zeal without supervision to accrue the benefits and profits of a company. 


Twitter : @AmDimples 31.1k

Facebook :Dimpledmercy 5,897

Instagram: Dimples mercy 12.4k

LinkedIn :Dimpled mercy 11,1k


WordPress :


Dennis Kiplimo

IMG_20181001_165119_920 (1)
Dennis is an online promoter, who majors on twitter 
Twitter  35.2k Followers
Instagram 840 Followers
Facebook 250 Followers